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Business Ambassadors Ltd. is a company gaining momentum in the business brokerage and intermediary services. We help you realize all your business objectives by providing the necessary contacts, resources and services.

The leading goal of the company is to provide quality, professional and reliable intermediary services for different types of activities for Bulgarian and foreign companies.


Our mission is to help every customer who has a good business idea to realize it, would it be in Bulgaria, and take advantage of the lowest level of taxation in Europe, or abroad.

​We strive to support business growth and development. We are focused on start-up entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises. We also assist large companies who wish to open their doors in the capital Sofia, Bulgaria or in Canada.


Solutions to Develop Brands & Businesses

Business Ambassadors Ltd. offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. First based in Canada and now present in Europe, we have been operating in the financian and real estate fields. Our clients keep coming back because they know we are great at what we do.


You already have goals. Make them bigger! We will help you achieve them.

There are many ways to open an international office. Truth is, there is no best way to do it. Different markets demand that you approach them with their particularities in a way to pull maximum benefit from them and for this new step to be entirely at your advantage. We will assist you do exactly that.

Type (BG)ENDetails
АДADJoint Stock company/Incorporation, similar to PLC and INC
ЕАДEADAD with a single member
ЕООДEOODOOD with a single member
ETETSole Proprietorship/Entrepreneur
ООДOODThe equivalent of Ltd.
КДKDLimited partnership
КДАKDALimited partnership with shares
СДSDGeneral partnership with a legal personality
АДСИЦADSITzReal Estate Investment Trust
Types of Modifications
Change of Manager
Company Shares
Record Changes
Company Transfer
Company Capital
Change of Address
Types of Service
Closure of EOOD/OOD, ET, etc.
Termination of Business
Company Liquidation
Deletion from the Commercial Register

It is mandatory for all companies and organizations receiving personal data to be registered as a Personal Data Administrator.

We will prepare all necessary documents and conduct the registration in the Commission for Personal Data Protection.Your time is valuable. Let us handle the legalities.

In accordance to the Accountancy Act and the Commercial Register Act, all companies are obliged to submit annually their Annual Financial Statements of the Company to the Commercial Register.

We have a great accountanting services partner we work with who deals with international companies.

Our experienced lawyers will customize any legal document or contract you might need for it to fit perfectly your needs.

Invest with confidence. We might have exactly what you are searching for, would it be in the sector of real estate, technology, or else.

Do you have a great idea but not means to realize it, or you simply need extra cash to expand your current projects or businesses? We would be happy to go through your needs and seek the appropriate financing options for you.

Do you have a genius idea and would like to turn it into reality but don't know how, or would you like to expand your current businesses and need a little hand thoroughly planning it? You have come to the right place!

Do you have trouble reaching your goals? Is your cash-flow not quite what you would like it to be? We would be happy to go through the details and give any valuable advice to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have a competitor that you decided to become partners with and would like to merge in order to become twice as powerful working together?

If you need to purchase or rent a property/land, we might have exactly what you are searching for. Would it be residential, commercial or industrial.

If you would like to earn extra income from selling or renting a property/land, you have come to the right place, regardless if it is residential, commercial or industrial.

We will license and plate your vehicles for national or international transportation.


We would love to hear from you.

Europe: +359-89-959-5225
Europe: +359-89-658-6598
Canada: +1-514-400-1840